I have always been fascinated by Rainbows. Can you tell?! How many can you spot in my little beach hut, my writing haven?!

I love the way that Rainbows make you stop in your tracks and absorb the sheer beauty of them. For a moment they hold you in the beautiful space of NOW – the present – and their beauty lifts and inspires you in that moment – making it a glorious place to be. I love colour – I lead a colourful life. Bright colours lift my mood and emanate positive vibes. To me, rainbows epitomise JOY – they always have. They remind me of the intrinsic JOY that is inside me, always.

They are also a blessing from above. When my darling Mamma died she told us that everytime we saw a rainbow, she would be at the end of it. I cannot count the number of times that I have needed her counsel and then been gifted with a rainbow to nudge me in the right direction. Literally, they light me up.

Rainbows need a mixture of sunshine, clouds and rain for their creation and how perfect this is as an analogy for life – you simply can’t get the highs without the lows. Like the rainbow magnetises our attention in the moment, it is our duty to notice, enjoy and absorb the JOY in our lives so that we are better equipped to deal with the lows.

I have Rainbow antennae – if it is there I will notice it – whether it be a magnificent formation in the sky or a glimmer of one on a wall reflected through glass. And I don’t just notice it and go “Hey there’s a rainbow!” – I stop, I revel in it – I am in awe at the colour explosion of beauty – I soak it in and let it fill me up. I let it fill every fibre of my being. I let that joyful moment fill my joy tank and strengthen me. Then what happens? Well of course, life continues apace and I soon meet the next irritation, frustration, annoyance, grievance but I am better equipped to deal with it than I would have been before. Each time I notice and truly feel JOY, I am strengthened and when emotions that threaten to weaken me rear their head, I approach them from a stronger starting platform.

Motherhood is such a complex time – it is filled with moments of exquisite happiness, contentment and love and also wretched frustration, despair and exhaustion – and, let’s face it, pretty much everything in between!  I chose a Rainbow as the focal point of my Joyful Mothering logo because it encapsulates the certainty that despite the clouds and the heavy downpours, there is always blue sky and a sprinkling of colourful magic on offer! It is a reminder that, despite what motherhood throws at us, there is always some JOY to lift us. May we be increasingly aware and awake enough to soak up each joyful moment and add it to our Joy Tank. My mission and dear wish is to help mother’s every where enJOY their motherhood MORE!