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I have been practising Qoya for over 2 years and it has been a weekly joy. I discovered the practice back in 2016 when my youngest started a few mornings at nursery. This was the first time for 12 years that I had had the gift of time and head space. I realised that with all my busy mothering I had lost sight of the truth of who I was and what lit me up. I had become well-practised at the glorification of busy. My head was full of to-do lists and I was a pro at numbing myself out to any uncomfortable feelings that arose – whether I pushed them away, repressed them, distracted myself from them or numbed out. I often felt as though I was running on empty, I would push through anyway and felt increasingly disconnected from me. The trouble with numbing out, I now realise is that you numb out to it all and sabotage your chances of feeling truly alive and joyful. My wish was to rekindle that life in me.


Enter Qoya at this natural cross roads. Qoya is a heady mix of dance, yoga and sisterhood. It is based on the essence that through movement we remember that our essence is wise, wild and free. Before each class, sacred space is created to honour and welcome the women. The teacher creates an altar in the centre of the room and these are glorious, candle-lit, bloom-filled creations with a circle of Goddess Cards. The altar is a thing of divine feminine beauty. When women enter the room, their soul’s need for recognition is heard and they take their place in the circle, listen to the theme that week and are then invited to pull a Goddess card and describe how the card resonates for them. This gives women the chance to experience the beauty of a woman’s circle, bring their voice into the room,  be fully present and speak their truth. Each woman is heard and honoured and it feels so good to share your voice and to listen to others. Then the movement begins and Qoya is fabulous, soulful exercise that gets you out of your head and into your body. Back to the very ‘youness’ of you, in touch with your powerful intuition with clarity and understanding in a “I feel it in my bones” way! The power of the class then seeps into the rest of your life and sets the wheel in motion for the pursuit of truth – there is no going back as it awakens and delights your soul.


I experienced my first class and it felt like coming home, to myself, to my people. It was love at first class and I immediately booked onto a 3 day Qoya retreat in France which was taught by the same incredible teacher, Sonja Lockyer. I have much to thank her for. This retreat, the first I have ever attended, was magic in motion – so much unravelled and became clear. It was here that I realised my Soul’s calling was to write my Joyful Mothering book and help mothers everywhere enjoy the crazy ride of motherhood more! It lit a fire in me which continues to burn bright and warm my heart, body and soul.

The long and short of it is that after much suffering after the untimely death of my beautiful Mamma just as I fell pregnant with my firstborn, and the hectic first few years of mothering my 4 babes, I am now connected to my true essence again and it is spine tingling good. I feel it all – I welcome it all – I recognise and surrender to the fact that everything passes and I am grateful for it all.

My passion for QOYA means that I can’t simply experience it any longer – I need to teach it and spread the love vibes far and wide. I have danced throughout my life, it has always lit me up but my early motherhood years had much less dancing than was needed. I would have felt so differently then if I had discovered Qoya earlier! I enjoyed some yoga practice, although I often felt like I wasn’t in quite the right position. The joy with Qoya is that there is no way that you can do it wrong, you know it is right when it feels good and if it doesn’t feel good then you simply shift until it does. How liberating! It is a truly inclusive practice, for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. All it asks is that you show up exactly as you are, surrender to the moment, embrace the wholeness of you – the light and the dark, dance wildly and freely like no-one is watching and abandon yourself to joy! I know how powerful this practice has been for me and it feels both an honour and a delightful responsibility to share with women in my community.

I flew to New York in November 2018 to meet the founder of QOYA, the Creatrix Rochelle Schieck and complete my Intensive Training. Wow. It was an incredible, soul enriching experience.  I am now fully qualified to teach and am running weekly 75 minute classes at 2 fabulous locations: *Parkstone Yacht Club, each Thursday 9.10-10.25 from the 10th January. The studio is sublime with uplifting sea views! *The Yoga Studios – 9.30-11.00 – every Friday morning from 11th January. These studios are heaven! All you need is comfy work out clothes and a yoga mat!

Qoya classes have brought me such joy and I can’t wait to share them with you. Please contact me on: dulciebatt@yahoo.co.uk or on my mobile 07775 627809 to reserve and secure your space for either the Thursday or Friday classes. If you wish to book for the Friday class at The Yoga Studio then you can also click the following link, find my name from the teacher list and book online: Book Friday Qoya here

I can vouch for the fact that movement in your body creates movement in your life. Any time you feel stagnant, you can move your body with Qoya to move that energy and put it to positive and powerful use. Qoyatastic!!